Download more than 2 images at a time


I have a website which is a bit slow:

As you can see, there are a lot of images and they are loaded 2 by 2… Is it possible to load them 4 by 4 or more ? What is controlling this ?

Also, the page start rendering before downloading everything, but is it possible to know more or less when ? Well more or less my question is “how to reduce the time before the page start rendering?”

Thanks for your help

IE 7 opens 2 connections per host name but everything newer than that opens 6 (I’ll see about updating the AU location to IE 8). Unless you have a large customer base using IE 7 I would assume that they will be loaded 6 at a time.

You can get more parallelism by splitting things across multiple domains which will cause the browser to double the connections.

To get the page rendering as quickly as possible you should try to strip out all of the javascript and see how it does and then see about adding the javascript at the bottom of the page instead of injecting it at the top and doing a lot of work inline.