Dulles, VA Test Results Not Accurate


I’ve been using this site for years now, however, your Dulles, VA server isn’t accurate–at least it does not indicate whatsoever my servers/site speed–but may indicate some issue in between the servers, but I doubt this as this problem has persisted for months now.

So the issue is that speed tests from that server always show that my site has horrible results, and that my site takes 30 seconds or more to load–and it always shows a very small optimized graphic (2k) or JS file hanging the load for 15-25 seconds, like you see below:

I can immediately go to any one of your other servers and get more accurate results…like this one that was done a minute late:

I can reproduce this issue over an over, and it has been going on for months. So why do you continue using this server to test with, and why is it set as the default server?

I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the test as inaccurate. Try enabling tcpdump to get a packet trace with your tests. There could be something specific with your hosting and the IP address the tests come from or an issue with the server running out of connections (particularly if you’re running many runs since they will run in parallel from Dulles).

The reason Dulles is the default is that it has by-far the most testing capacity of any location, with 30+ machines that run the runs concurrently. We run tens of thousands of tests from Dulles daily and I haven’t seen similar issues on the tests that we run. Can you reproduce it with any other sites (preferably not on the same hosting provider?)

Well, I can run one test from there and get very bad results, then go to any of your other server and get great results. I can do this on a daily basis, so I seriously doubt what it is recording has anything to do with my server.