dynaTrace integrated in Dulles

You can now get dynaTrace session traces of your tests run from Dulles (IE7 and IE8). This is exceptionally helpful if you are trying to figure out what is causing the CPU to spike or large gaps in your waterfalls (usually script execution).

I’m a huge fan of dynaTrace Ajax Edition as a javascript profiler and have been using it since 0.2 to quickly find hot spots in our sites (literally 5 minutes and you can tell someone what piece of code they need to fix and why). The great thing about having it integrated into WebPagetest is that you can quickly find a session you are interested in by looking at the waterfalls and you don’t need to find a machine with the right browser on it to use.

To capture a dynaTrace session you need to select one of the “dynaTrace” browsers from the browser dropdown. The session files are linked on the results page (right below the load time for each run) as well as the waterfall page (top-right corner).

Here is a sample: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/101001_485102d087d035be9c104b846ed2e0a8/

You’ll need the 2.0 beta of dynaTrace Ajax Edition to load the trace files.

This is still under fairly heavy development so consider this an initial release and let me know if you see anything acting strangely. Tests will take quite a bit longer because of the overhead in launching dynaTrace so it’s probably worthwhile to only run as many tests as you need (and limit it to first view if you aren’t looking into repeat view issues).



Thanks Patrick,

Dynatrace Ajax is excellent, been using it as well. Will you be releasing the hosted webpagetest version with dynatrace features?

I’ll see if I can type up some instructions over the weekend if I get a little time. The existing software handles the dynaTrace integration, you just need to configure a test machine with an environment variable and the path in urlblast.ini.

Right now it needs a dedicated machine and that machine will always capture dynaTrace data, you can’t dual-purpose a tester. Somewhere on the to-do list is to make it so you can do it dynamically on a per-test basis but it was a lot faster to get it out the way it is.

Hi Patrick,

How did you configure the private instance to include dynatrace results on each tests ?


You need to configure the system environment variables for dynatrace to always capture dynatrace data: https://community.dynatrace.com/community/display/AJAXFORUM/Automation+with+dynaTrace+AJAX+Edition

The session name doesn’t matter, it just has to exist.

Then in urlblast.ini you need to add an entry that points to the location of the dynatrace binary:

dynaTrace=C:\Program Files (x86)\dynaTrace\dynaTrace AJAX Edition 2.0 Beta\dtajax.exe

urlblast will then take care of launching dynatrace before a test, closing it when the test is complete and uploading the trace file. Right now it requires a dedicated machine because of the environment variables. It’s on the wish list to set the environment variables dynamically so you could use a single machine for both non-dynatrace and dynatrace capture.

Thanks for the answer patrick.

I add this in the urlblast.ini : dynaTrace=C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace AJAX Edition 2.1\dtajax.exe
Add the system environnement variables for dynatrace.
Relaunch Urlblast and nothing change.

When i manually launched IE8, it did not capture dynatrace data if dynatrace was not launched before.

Any idea ?

Sorry, there’s a good chance you also need an updated version of urlblast. You can get the latest client binaries here: http://www.webpagetest.org/work/update/update.zip

Any idea when the switch for test agents to turn dynaTrace on or off might be added?

I’m setting up a private instance and already have 4 VMs dedicated to agents; I would rather not make 4 more just to enable occasional dynaTrace grabs :slight_smile: That said, the traces are a great debugging tool so I want to provide that option for some runs.

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