Latest Private Instance with DynaTrace Integration


I’m looking at below old thread for dynaTrace Integration on the older private instance.

I want to do the similar integration for my private instance. However, currently I’m using dynaTrace Ajax 4.4 and WPT private instance 2.16. Since the integration detail was for the older version. I’m wondering if there is any update instruction for the latest version? By following the integration detail, currently I’m able to automatically record the trace and upload the result to private showslow but I couldn’t get the dynaTrace trace upload to WPT result (the trace file that allows people to download). I don’t use URLBlaster and only test on IE 11. I’m wondering if that could be the issue? Since I only use wptdriver, what could the similar configuration needs to be included on ini file? Please help.


Don’t hear anyone response on it! Does that mean this feature is no longer available? If that is the case, I’m fine with that. I just the confirmation so I can move on to other work around direction. I appreciate any input which will be valuable for me.

Sorry, I’ve been out for a few weeks and just getting caught up. The dynatrace support has largely been pulled out of urlblast and was never implemented in wptdriver.

It might be possible to add in but generally I’ve been using the Chrome dev tools timeline data for most of the script-level debugging (doesn’t help for non-Chrome browsers but the data is great and it’s very low overhead to collect).

Thanks for response! It is definitely good information to know. I agree with you that using Chrome DEV tools maybe a feasible solution. Unfortunately, my company uses IE as the default browser and we have many legacy web applications are not compatible on Chrome; therefore, we have to test our internal web application on IE. Probably, the better solution is to modify the open source C++ wptdriver to support the dynaTrace on my own. Since I’m more like JAVA programmer and already have an existing JAVA Robot program handy for an automated direct URL test on dynaTrace that I can reuse, I have created a simple JAVA program which runs on the Agent machine. It takes care setting the dynaTrace environment variables, export the trace file, move the trace file to the wpt test folder and restarting dynaTrace. And also I create a few new PHP to provide the REST API that my another JAVA program which acts as an automated test trigger that is running on Jenkins can communicate to the JAVA program. The test flow will look like that.

  1. Jenkins will execute my test trigger which will call my custom PHP that will send the request to JAVA program on the agent machine
  2. JAVA program does all the required prepared steps for getting dynaTrace ready
  3. Test trigger calls the normal WPT REST API to submit the test request as usual
  4. WPT driver performs the normal WPT test with dynaTrace running
  5. After the test is completed, JAVA program on the test agent will export the dtas files and copy them to the WPT test folder for the corresponding test id.

So far, I’m pretty much to get everything working as expected. But I want to enhance dtas file copy on the last step. Currently my WPT test server and test agent are configured on a same machine. That is why the last step that I can just directly copy the file to the test folder. The better way should be upload the file to the test server through the HTTP request. Therefore, I can decouple the test server and test agent. I’m wondering if you can point me to the existing PHP file that handling the test report upload or may be give me some direction if there is anything I may able to reuse for uploading the dtas to test folder? Of course, I can always create my own custom PHP to handle that but want to see if there is any shorter route on that.

Again it may be just a very special case only for me and I’m getting very close to what I want it to be. If I have time, I could like to spend time on wptdriver to see if I can add my custom logic to support dynaTrace. Appreciate any input!