wptdriver.ini for IE9

The online installation/configuration documentation says that the WPTDriver supports IE 6-10 and that URLBlast supports IE9 and older but legacy. On the machines I’m currently running these two drivers are running perfectly side by side, but I’d like to move to the new wptdriver completely for future compatibility (IE10, etc).

Unfortunately the wptdriver.ini.sample does not include IE (and in this specific case IE9) samples. Does anyone have this working that could provide a sample so I could run completely using the WPTDriver?


This should do it:

exe="%PROGRAM_FILES%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

You also need to make sure wptbho.dll is in the directory (it’s included in the 2.9 agent directory as well as with recent updates).

wptdriver isn’t quite at feature parity with urlblast so make sure it does everything you need (it is up to parity with the Chrome and Firefox testing it does). Off the top of my head the main differences are that a couple of script commands aren’t implemented yet, Page Speed isn’t integrated and DOM element counts are not reported.

That said, the wptdriver codebase is a LOT cleaner and it actually gets better data for things like SSL.

I tried doing it, but i get blank pages. What could be the problem??