URLBlaster/ wptdriver / IE10 / WPTMonitor

Hi Patrick,

is there any chance that URLBlaster will be updated to support IE10 ?
We have a private instance with wptmonitor. Since the automatic update from IE9 to IE10, we have been forced to use wptdriver but the IEWPG files are not the same. The headers were removed from the raw files.
The easiest workaround has been to use another computer with an old windows XP and IE8.
But we prefer to test with IE9 or IE10.
If you have a plan to update URLBlaster, can you tell us because we will wait. If not, we think to do a patch to wptmonitor to support the new format for IEWPG files.

Best regards,


I’d recommend patching wptmonitor (even better would be to switch it to use the XML or JSON interface which is supported). URLBlast should mostly work with IE 10 if you grab the latest but the long-term plan is to depricate it and move all testing to wptmonitor.

FWIW, you can “uninstall” the IE 10 update and hide it in the automatic updates to force Windows 7 to stay on IE 9 if you want to do the testing there. The Dulles IE 8, 9 and 10 testers are all on Windows 7.