EC2 Amazon Agents - SSL Certs


I am using the Amazon EC2 WPT solution. I want to see if it is possible to use ssl certs to test certain webpages but I cant see any nice way to do this.
I think i would need to install the Cert on the Amazon Agent, but if I do this then that Agent will be removed after an hour of non-use. Is there a way to disable this feature (i.e. keep the Amazon Agent alive with the installed Cert?). Or can you think of a better approach?

Many thanks for your help!

If you disable the auto-scaling in settings.ini and launch the instances manually it should work. Another option is to snapshot a configured instance and use that AMI ID in locations.ini.ec2 instead of the default WPT AMI’s. That way when it spins up new instances it will use your image with the cert installed.

Thanks for your suggestion Patrick. I have opted for the first option, disabling the auto-scaling in settings.ini.
To disable auto-scaling I have set
I launch the ssl instance and works great, however WPT launches another Agent instance also which means I have 2 Agents connected to eu-west-1
From http://<wpt_server>/install
eu-west-1-group : Europe (Ireland)
eu-west-1 : Europe (Ireland) - 4 agents connected
eu-west-1_IE11 : Europe (Ireland) - 4 agents connected

Are the changes I made to settings.ini above enough to disable the auto-scaling?

It would be cleaner to just remove the ec2_key and ec2_secret from the config:

That will actually turn off the scaling directly.

I decided to use the second option and launch the instance from a pre-configured AMI. Works great, Thank you for you help!