EC2 AMI Linux Agent only runs 1 test, then disappears

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to setup a private instance for a few days now, and I’m having a problem where by I can run a test in say eu-west-1-linux, the agent instance starts up,appears in both getTesters.php and getLocations.php, gets the work from the server, completes and posts back the results to the server, and then the agent continues to hit the getwork.php url but never gets handed another test, even though there is one waiting.

Also, once it has run one test, it disappears from the getTesters.php page, and the getLocations.php page, even though the instance is still up and running…

Any ideas anyone?
Added some screengrabs of the getTesters.php and getLocation.php output for eu-west-1-linux

Just a bit more info, I’ve just seen that after running a test successfully, the agent appears as an “Idle Agent” for a very short period of time, then disappear and the number of Idle agents goes to zero.

Also, just noticed that tmp/ec2_instances.dat STILL shows:

$ more ec2-instances.dat

… even though there are ZERO running agent instances :-S