EC2 ap-northeast-2 (Seoul) instances

I’ve been trying to spin up a test agent in Seoul using the ami-4ab47a24 image. I’ve tried several times and none of the instances actually work. I’m not sure if this is something specific to the image, or EC2.

Anyone else tried out this image for a ap-northeast-2 instance?

Other than copying the images over I haven’t tried spinning one up. Well, not entirely true, I tried adding it to my list and have it add one automatically but that never started. Looking at the region manually it looked like there was no support for spot instances and no regular medium (or even small) instance sizes.

Have you tried launching a regular instance manually using something like the t4.medium size or something similar?

I was planning on trying again after giving them some time to get past the initial launch and see if more image sizes and spot became available before trying again.

I’m using the EC2 web console to spin up a new instance. The state claims to be ‘running’, but it isn’t reachable.

The status checks show one success ( System Status Checks ) and one failure (
Instance Status Checks ). That is consistent with what I’m seeing ( not being able to reach the instance ). The failure details are sparse:

These checks monitor your software and network configuration for this instance. Instance reachability check failed at …

Stopping and terminating instances also take a long time ( many hours ). I’ve done this several times with this image and so far none of them have worked.

It looks like this was an EC2 problem.

Got a notification from AWS yesterday that there were hardware failures in Seoul. Just spun up a new instance and I can at least reach it.

Now to see if I can get it to be happy with our existing WPT setup.