Not all AMIs start up


I copied the settings from your AMI ( to populate the list with EC2 AMIs for my private instance. When testing, not all images work.

Some images don’t get started, some work. Is there any way to debug the EC2 API calls, e.g. to write a logfile, to see what’s wrong?

AMI that does not work:
Europe (Ireland) - IE 7 - Native - no reaction at all, no active image in the EC2 interface …

AMI that does work:
wpt-ie11-20140912 (ami-d0c76fa7) - it gets started and fetches work etc.

I could give some other examples from Frankfurt and Singapore as well.


Thanks. I knew Frankfurt was having issues and just started looking into it today but I wasn’t aware of other AMI issues.

For Frankfurt it looks like the SDK I’m using is too old and doesn’t support the newer auth scheme that Frankfurt requires. I’m in the process of updating the SDK now and should hopefully have an update pushed later this afternoon.

I’ll also add logging and a way to view the logs.

Great thing with the AMI is that it will pull down the fixes automatically so I’ll post here when they are live.

If you have AMI examples besides any in Frankfurt that don’t work I’d like to know about those as well so I can dig in and see what is going on.



ok, Frankfurt should be working now. If you are using the server AMI it wil auto update within the next hour, otherwise you’ll need to get the latest from github.

Any errors will also get logged to log/error.log.YYYYMMDD (you may need to create the directory if the web user doesn’t have permissions to). The error logging will also automatically delete any error logs > 7 days old.

ok, just fixed the issue with the IE 7 and IE 8 images (all locations):

Apparently the older images will not run on the newer EC2 instance sizes so they need to be configured explicitly in locations.ini now (will be automatic if you are importing the EC2 locations template).