ami-fcfd6194 not found in our EC2

I need some help regarding ami-fcfd6194 which was used to create our private instance for WebPageTest server. We had found this AMI from webpagetest/Server at master · WPO-Foundation/webpagetest · GitHub .

We had created our private instance for WebPageTest server using this AMI id.

It was working fine till last week. Unfortunately it has suddenly stopped working and It says “EC2 can’t retrieve the name because the AMI was either deleted or made private” and we are unable to find it.

Is there anything we need to do so that we can find this AMI and build EC2 in our AWS account?
or is there any other AMI id which I can use?

Any help or documentation would be appreciated.

There are no longer server AMI images. There is an install script that will generate a server from an Ubuntu 20.04 image.

It shouldn’t have impacted already-running instances.

Hi Patrick,
Thank you for replying. We used ami-fcfd6194 to build our private instance 2 years back and it was working fine. Suddenly the Test Locations and Browser drop down list is empty. Our locations.ini is


; **********************************
; ****** 1 - us-east-1 *****
; ****** US East (N. Virginia) *****

label=“US East (N. Virginia)”

browser=Chrome,Firefox,Safari,IE 11
label=“US East (N. Virginia)”

Do we have to change anything in our locations.ini to get those locations back in the drop down?

When we tried to create another instance from the same configuration, we got message saying The image id ‘[ami-fcfd6194]’ does not exist.

Thank you.