Singapore AMI Instances seem to be missing


The following AMI instances we do not seem to be able to find.

IE9/Chrome/Firefox/Safari (2014, wptdriver only) - ami-8a0a5bd8
IE10/Chrome/Firefox/Safari (2014, wptdriver only) - ami-880a5bda
IE11/Chrome/Firefox/Safari (2014, wptdriver only) - ami-8c0a5bde


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Have you tried these steps?

The UI on AWS sometimes doesn’t show them but the AMIs are certainly there. I’ll be re-building them in the next few weeks which will hopefully fix whatever Amazon has broken with their search.

Yeah we, meaning ops, tried the ami instance name directly and nothing showed up. The method worked fine for Virginia and In Singapore we did see the legacy instances. It was just those Id’ed that did not show up.

Really appreciate the work you did , made my life way easier. Look forward to the new builds.