Edits to a Page Not Appearing?

My team applied preloading for one of the images to improve LCP but the webpagetest waterfall does not reflect this change.
We’ve checked the waterfall on chrome and it seems like the preloading has been properly applied.

Here’s the webpagetest result: lg.com : Chrome - 4G...ulo, Brazil - EC2 - WebPageTest Result
and here’s the screenshot of the waterfall chart on chrome:

The jpg file in the fifth row in the screenshot above is the one that is supposed to be preloaded.
Is there a way to reset/delete cache for each test so that we can test the performance with the changes applied?
Does anyone know why we are seeing this issue?
Thank you in advance for your help!

The problem is that the page is using HTTP/2 PUSH to push a LOT of resources. Dev tools doesn’t correctly show them but WebPageTest does (dev tools will only show the PUSHed resources when the page consumes them, not when the server sends them).

Preload likely won’t help an image load sooner, you probably want priority hints for that (in addition to disabling the PUSH configs which are a config on your Akamai settings).

Thank you for the quick reply.
I’ve shared your comment with my team.
Have a nice day!