Prefetch cache indication for link preloaded resources

In devtools, we can see when an object was preloaded and used in the size field of the network tab:

where it says “(prefetch cache)”. See Two ways to prefetch: <link> tags and HTTP headers.

Is there any way to view this same information in WebPageTest results?

Thanks in advance!

There is currently no way to specify the information in WebPageTest. We have added to the roadmap. Thank you!

@Michael_Kozicki is there a github issue for this? A member of my team might be able to work on the feature and submit a pull request for your review.

There is currently no github issue. If you or your team want to pick it up, that would be awesome.

Is the correct repo?

The main reason I ask is that the WPT private instance that my team mostly uses seems to be very different from the public version so I want to make sure we are adding this feature to the right repo.

That is the correct repo for the site. catchpoint/WebPageTest.agent: Cross-platform WebPageTest agent ( for the WPT Agent code.