Email Notification


I’m not getting emails when test is completed. Below is the url which I used.

webserver is a linux with sendmail.
How could I debug this ?


I’ve tried this on, the function of email notification also doesn’t work.
Dose this function not support yet?


Thanks, I’ll take a look. I don’t think anyone has used the feature in the last year or so so it’s possible that it broke along the way. Should be easy enough to fix.

is this fixed in the latest version 2.5 ?

I am facing the similar issues, while using “notify” parameter of REST API .

Is the email notification working for anyone?


Just fixed it, thanks for staying on me about it :slight_smile: I doubt it works for batch tests though.

Thanks alot for a quick turn around! Notify is working perfectly now.

On a separate note, is there a way the waterfall screenshot can be added as part of email contents?

Shouldn’t be too hard - the images are just embedded image urls in the mail anyway. The email template kind of sucks as it is right now - if you want to take a crack at one and send me the HTML (with placeholders for values and times) I could switch to that (and it would be a lot faster that waiting for me to do the work).

I have used
in my rest api url.

Do we need to do anything else to get the notification of test completion to our email address ?

Maybe unrelated, but I signed up for an API key and waited a few hours and still no email. Is the email notification for API key requests working?


Should be but ping me at and I can assign one manually.