The test completed but there were no successful results.

Hi there,

I’m trying to run tests for my bachelor thesis. But I get “The test completed but there were no successful results.” and “First View: Test Data Missing”.

I use the webpagetest-api from marcel duran. The data goes correctly to wpt. I get this response:

    statusCode: 200,
    statusText: 'Ok',
    data: {
        testId: '190107_84_7f5cb6a3b2c67ef99ecce5db6d2f0c1e',
        ownerKey: '18c469502d293f577c49d57540045bdfe10e34b0',
        jsonUrl: '',
        xmlUrl: '',
        userUrl: '',
        summaryCSV: '',
        detailCSV: ''

This is my script:

script: [
            {addHeader: "X-Sitespeed-CPHD: cc...89"},
            {logData: 0},
            {navigate: ""},
            {logData: 1},
            {click: ["data-filter-id=123"]},

My options:

                connectivity: 'Cable',
                location: 'Berlin',
                runs: 1,
                repeatView: false,
                video: false,
                f: "json",
                netLog: true,

This worked last week and I assume it could be an wpt issue.

Would be great to get some help!

Thank you!

That “click” command doesn’t look like it is valid and it would have to be a clickAndWait if you actually wanted it to measure something. You are better off using execAndWait with javascript that does the click you are trying to do instead - that way you can test the javascript locally before running the test.

Thank you! I improved it.