test without data : failure of webpagetest of the site?


i use webpagatest to check a website.

i check the same page every time.

normally, the test contains, in firstView, results data.

sometime, firstView is null

example :

runs: { 1: { firstView: null }, 2: { firstView: null } }

is this a webpagetest problem or a website problem?

secondary, webpagetest bandwith is guaranteed?


Do you have a link to the actual test or at least a test ID? It’s hard to say otherwise.

As far as guarantees go, no - nothing is guaranteed (though for the Dulles location I do keep an eye on things) - if you need guarantees then you should consider running a private instance: https://sites.google.com/a/webpagetest.org/docs/private-instances

Hi Patrick,

this is an example


i use the same url, normally it works, but china sometimes give me no data.

i’m not able to understand if is china the problem, or webpagetest instance on china.


No test data is a problem with the agent, not your site. It could be the instance itself or getting the result data back out through the great firewall.

Problems accessing your site will give results with appropriate errors listed.