Emulator On Vs Emulator Off Pagespeed Difference


we are running a page speed test on our pages.

Test no. 1: 28 Sec

Test Location: Nearest location
Connection: 3g Fast
Emulator Off

Test no. 2: 36 Sec
Test Location: Nearest location (Same as before)
Connection: 3g Fast
Emulator On

I just want to know why there is an increase in seconds. Why does this happen? Why time increases when we turn on the emulator?

Thanks in Advance

Is “turn on the emulator” the same as passing mobile=1 (or enabling mobile emulation in the UI)?

When mobile emulation is enabled the CPU is throttled to also match the CPU performance of a mobile device. Depending on the site it might also be loading different content when loaded in a mobile form factor vs desktop.