Error submitting url for testing - wpt 17.08

Good morning, I’m running some tests on wpt 17.08, I followed github guides and configured everything without errors.

I’m trying to run a test from a wpt private instance, I configured xampp, locations.ini and browsers.ini and copied/pasted the command
“python.exe C:\Users\WebPageTest\wptagent\ -vvvv --server “” --location Location_ID --key Location_key --exit 60” with my desired data, on command prompt.

When I try to run the test on my wpt instance, with wpt “checking for work”, this error pops up.

I attach screens of my command prompt before/after test started, error message and locations/browsers .ini (.txt because forum won’t let me attach .ini files).

Did anyone get this issue too? How to solve/where to look for possible mistakes?

Thank you