Error test

Finally i can start my agent but when i try to start test i have an error.

First i see in process_util.js this line

var cmd = system_commands.get('get all', [process.getuid()]).split(/\s+/)

getuid doesn’t work on windows

so i try to replace by

and now i have new error

Any idea ?


What command-line are you using? It shouldn’t be going down that code path for android testing (maybe it’s going down the desktop agent code path).

Thanks patrick

i think i have a problem with my agent or device, maybe a permission problem ?

i specify that i’ve modify wptdriver.bat to pass my own parameters

like this :

set AGENT=%~dp0 set DP0=%~dp0 set WPT_SERVER= set LOCATION=Google_Nexus5 set BROWSER=android:070ab4d50073cd7d set "WPT_MAX_LOGLEVEL=error" set "WPT_VERBOSE=true" set "OPT_ARGS=" set "BATCH_NAME=%0" shift

Why did you modify the batch file? That’s only going to cause you grief down the road. All of the parameters of interest should be able to be passed as command-line options to the batch file.

I modify to reset the catch file as the begining and i pass parameters now

but i’va the same error

D May_30_09:41:50.216 C:\wamp\www\webpagetest_2.14\mobile\src\process_utils.js:2
53 unknown : Exec with timeout(10000): wpr status
E May_30_09:41:50.218 C:\wamp\www\webpagetest_2.14\mobile\src\process_utils.js:3
33 ChildProcess. : wpr status failed with exception: spawn ENOENT

I uninstall nodejs and install it again, and now i think it’sz better (i see on my android, chrome kill)
but i have a new error

The test failed to run.
Unexpected ‘su’ output: /system/bin/sh: su: not found

So i know, it’s cause my device is not root.
But i have questions, what are features who need that’s device is root ?
Can i have result test without root my android ?

You need to root the device. Right now the agent is expecting it to be able to clear the profile/cache, enable remote debugging and possibly a few other things. It might be possible to get bits and pieces working without root but it’s not something we have focused on.