Error: Timed Out


The website I’m currently testing (using IE7) is giving Error: Timed Out when using a script to navigate to a product page via the home page. This does not happen when I run a test only against the homepage.

The site is framed (ugly, I know) and I suspect this is the reason as it does not appear to be getting a document complete event - the results all state 0 for document complete. There is nothing in the Apache or WPT logs to suggest anything else.

I am getting results for fully loaded which I think will be enough for the purposes of my current test (TBC).

Has anybody else experienced this? Are my suspicions correct? Is this a known limitation?


Document complete should report fine for framed pages. IE (various versions) have a LOT of problems with DocumentComplete not firing, usually triggered by interacting with Flash. An easy way to tell is to go to the screen shot page and scroll down to the status messages. Usually it will same something like “(2) items remaining…”.

The status messages all look fine. Perhaps it’s my script?

I have run the same scripted test against the clients production website and the results are here: Dublin IE7 London IE8 Amsterdam IE9

All have the same “Error: Timed out” as my private instance (IE7 against test). There isn’t any flash on the site.

I can’t get the script working with Chrome but the homepage on it’s own does work in Chrome. Stockholm Chrome

The homepage does not give the timed out error (on any browser) it only appears when using the script to navigate in the frames.

The question is can I rely on the fully loaded results?

Sorry, I didn’t understand how you were using frames. Yes, you can use the fully loaded times. There is no top-level navigation which is probably confusing it (though it can usually handle cases like that).