Missing Document complete stats

Hi I have been running a scripted test from our private instance here> http://wpt.intechnica-dev-1.co.uk/result/150804_A4_82616bce4bd459ecf03711b8ee51ac3b/

It appears to execute OK, and to capture all elements in the test page (looking at the waterfall).
However, Document complete timings are not collected (reported as 0s) and associated metrics eg # DOM elements are missing. The attached screengrab illustrates.

Is there a usual cause for this/what would you advise?




Checkout this one also (error code 999999) [below]

Screengrab attached

Hard to say without knowing what the script is doing. If it is triggering an action that isn’t a page navigation (like in a single page app, just switching UI around, etc) then there is no document complete (onload) event to measure.

Thanks Pat

Its a very straightforward script - navigate to betfair.com landing page, launch ‘all sports’ page, then tennis page.
Script is here for good measure>
//Betfair.com Tennis Page script
logData 0
navigate http://www.betfair.com/sports
clickAndWait id=SPORTSBOOK
logData 1
execAndWait document.querySelector(".ui-clickselect > *[href=’/sport/tennis’]").click()

It may be that a lot of content has been preloaded, but it is not an SPA per se, and a fair amount (though not lots, I admit) of elements appear to be downloaded.

Is there any way of getting around this, or are we snookered with this site?

Thanks for the feedback