Fully Loaded Time in new UI

Thanks for the new UI, is really great. I was searching the metric about the “Fully loaded time” in the main results. Is this metric no longer available?


Yes same issues, we are not able to find Document complete, Fully loaded fields, or values in the new WPT UI.
Are we supposed to check the first view filmstrip view?
Kindly advise.

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Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve brought it back on the details page for each run now. So from the summary page, any single run you click on will provide the fully loaded and document complete related numbers. timkadlec.com : Edge...nto, Canada - EC2 - WebPageTest Details

Does that work out alright?

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That’s great, thanks!! I like it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for response tkadlec, but I still cant find the same. I have run a test again today

Can you please help locale the values forr document complete & fully loaded etc.
Thanks in advance

So from the summary page (which you’ve linked to) if you click on any run, or use the navigation to go to the Details page (Hema : axe.com - WebPageTest Details) you should see those metrics reported.