EU-Central EC-2 different behavior?


so I just did some testing from the EU-Central EC-2 instance with Firefox, Cable connection. I ran 9 tests and always get this strange results:

As you can see I get a linear CPU-Utilization graph, a huge DOMContent loaded event and a first render at about 1,6 to 1,7 seconds. Normally I get a first render of ~0.3 to 0.7 ms, depending on location.

This is a test set of 2 from Virginia USA - EC2 - IE 11 - FIOS with a first render at 0,3 ms and I get similar results from other locations.

So how can I interpret this behavior or better what causes this kind of problem? Is it just the Amazon EC-2 machine? :huh:


OK, I’m confused as to what you’re asking - the two tests are using different browsers, and different network characteristics so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t expect them to be different.

On of the causes of the CPU load might be the loadCSS repeated setting a timer which will keep the main thread busy but may not cause and bad side effects 0 the slower the download throughput the more times the timer will be set

I’m confused by the fact that it has to compute something and can not render earlier and I wonder why. The first render event makes no sense to me.

Also this strange 1.4 sec DNS lookup. All of those tests from this location look messy to me.