Results chnage dramatically within one day

Hi everybody,

This is my first post here and I am coming with a strong scent of desperation.

I test the pagespeed and other metrics of several webites every day. Of course you can see reasonable deviation from day to day but for the past 3 days the results have been off.

Load time (First and repeat view) have increased on all websites by at leaast 50% and up to almost 100% on some of them.

I am by far not an expert but have looked around a bit and couldnt find a reason for far and hope that somebody here can help me.


Thanks a lot


Given the results you really should spend time to :
[] combine CSS / JS files . You load 14 CSS and 28 JS ! And some CSS are redirected so you spent each time a delay to get the right URL resource.
] reduce the number of hosted domains : too much domains are called so each time browser have to make a DNS resolution… And for some domains to load only one resource

The load times can be different over days because the webpage load different third party tools : analytics (google + xiti) and adservers, that impact load time.

Do you have links to fast and slow tests? I also recommend ALWAYS running more than 1 run to make sure you didn’t catch an outlier. The test you linked to looked like it was using 100% CPU loading the page and was probably CPU-constrained. Could be from content changes or possibly something going on with the EC2 instance it is running on.