F for First Byte Time


Thank you for the forum and the website, very useful.

My report is displayed here:

I have tried different runs but I still get bad numbers for the first byte time to be rendered and displayed. I seriously don’t know what should I do to improve that. There are other things that are not scoring good as well and all comments to improve my new website are appreciated. I have a VPS and freedom to make changes on my server.


Do you have dev resources to change the back-end application? If so, you should install New Relic (or another APM solution) which will give you visibility into the back-end performance of your app (slow database queries, external API calls, etc).

Hi Patrick and thanks for your response. I was able today to connect my server to NewRelic and collected data for few hours.

An example of one of the pages that are very slow is this:

http://eeh.la/posts/viewother and the breakdown is described below.

Slowest components Count Duration %
/posts/view 1 3,540 ms 44%
other - SQL 12 3,079 ms 38%
posts - SELECT 29 1,043 ms 13%
users - SELECT 36 290 ms 4%
tweets - SELECT 23 187 ms 2%
Total 8,139 ms 100%

and the time in both areas: PHP script and MySQL is more than average. I thought of creating an index for these repeated sql queries but I still don’t what should be done in general and for php in specific. Any recommendations is appreciated.

p.s. I have granted you access to my New Relic and you should get the details @ your gmail in case if you want more details.


Sorry, would you mind adding pmeenan@webpagetest.org instead of my gmail? I lost the notice that New Relic sent and I use the webpagetest.org for my main account there.

Hi Patrick, I have added your other email to the new relic account. I appreciate your help.