test result

Dear Sir,
If you please can have a look on test my result:
and how can i improve first byte and other issues.
note i still need some optimizations …
any suggestions will be appreciated.
thank you

The first byte time is a problem with the server-side application code (and yes, that’s quite slow). From the outside we can’t tell what is causing the slowness. You can instrument your app to log different activities or use something like New Relic (assuming you are not on shared hosting) which will identify the slow parts of the system quite quickly.

i am on dedicated server and i installed new relic, please can you inform me what to watch in new relic concerning the first byte improving? if i give the account info on new relic can you inform me what to tell my web hosting?

If you add me (pmeenan@webpagetest.org) to your account as a user I can go in and poke around.