firefox 4 caching javascript?

I noticed a problem in firefox initially noticed in 3.6.x but it still exists after upgrade to firefox 4.

Dynamically inserted javascript, such as the Google Analytics snippet, is not caching the ga.js.

This is happening with any script loaded in a similar manner… Ie and Chrome seem to load from cache as expected…

To reproduce, open firebug, browse say Go thru few pages, on each page the browser will re-fetch ga.js … But this doesn’t happen for … Any clues?

Its not my settings, cause i see this behaviour on a freshly created profile as well…

ok… checked thru wireshark… caching works correctly. Maybe firebug error.
Pls ignore this post

Which version of Firebug are you using?

I have FF 3.6 and Firebug 1.6.0 and see a 200 response for ga.js on too, on all pages. In the Net panel, that request is grayed out.
I fired up the Live HTTP Headers add-on in Firefox and I see no requests for ga.js

I guess this is some weird Firebug bug.

Hmm, time to get Firefox implemented I guess :wink:

i was using ff4 with firebug 1.7.0 … i think i saw the same issue on ff 3.6 also (this is for the linux build only)…

Wireshark confirmed firefox behaved correctly… so something in my installation caused a bug in firebug…

Firefox is important to me… occasionally i play with jetpack and would like to be able to do more stuff using it… I think… everything WPT needs (including screenshots – was playing with getThumbnail() method of tabs api today…) from a browser can be coded inside a lightweight extension … if you need help with ff implementation let me know…

When we built the Chrome support we did it in a cross-browser way. We should be able to bring Firefox up to the current Chrome capabilities really quickly (the remaining capabilities will have to be browser-specific because they all do SSL differently). We have it on our list to tackle in Q2 so I’ll see about pushing it towards the front of the quarter. The extension work should be minimal (and trivial) - sadly, the hardest part will probably be making the end-to-end chain aware that a single agent can run multiple browsers.