First Byte takes 9 seconds to load. Please help


Tested the website I am working on and saw that the first page takes extremely long time to load. This happens with other pages on the website but not the home page.

Following is where the test results for one of the page are

Could you please guide me on how I can fix this?

About me: I am a front end programmer and don’t know much about server configurations.

The website is hosted on Network Solutions. Could I ask their customer service to do something about it?


Your first request is without a trailing slash and Apache serves you a 301 redirect to (IIS does the same thing too.)

This is irritating at all times but very illuminating here. The second request is quick enough (and it is this one which returns the actual html.) So the standard Apache bit is slow, but ‘your’ page is fast.

This is certainly something that you should raise with them. I’m scratching my head for any suggestion as to what it might be; you’ll have to make sure that this gets to their tier 3 support.

Hope this helps a tiny bit.


Thanks N,

I was doubting the hosting service therefore I have decided to move this website to another web host for many other reasons including this one.