Fix test problems, clean up some code, etc., etc..


I need someone to fix the test problems, clean up some code, etc., etc…

Website is copycall dot com

Please advise.

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Clarify (be specific) about what you require + likely someone can assist.

Your site is running static HTML, so runs fairly fast + a few suggestions you might consider.

  1. Change your site over to run HTTP2 + SSL.

  2. Look at asset #1 speed. 400ms is fast + is still a bit slow. This might be related to running HTTP1.1 as it’s been a long time since I changed all my hosting clients over to HTTP2.

HTTP2 multiplexes connections, which might speed up asset #1. shows a WordPress site, which serves asset #1 at 158ms.

This isn’t really an issue, as times are in milliseconds already. This only might be an issue, because static HTML with correctly configured SSL should be much faster + this might point to other problems which will occur as traffic increases.

More likely asset #1 serves slow because your SSL setup can use some work.

  1. SSL config score

First off you have a C score, which will likely be reported in the future as a suspicious site which will lower conversions + cause many visitors to abandon your site.

Target an SSL score like this for your SSL test…

So overall score of A+, with detail scores of 100/95/100/100. I prefer a 95 for Protocol Support, because I allow SSL connections from Android 4.x devices which make up a huge portion of total mobile devices which are currently in use today.

  1. SSL Config Settings
  • change over to HTTP2 + ALPN, which requires recent Apache + OpenSSL

  • enable OCSP stapling, which requires Apache config change

  • enable HSTS (Strict Transport Security), which requires an Apache change

  1. Refine how you setup your Expires Headers
  • Change all assets to cache for a year

  • Rename assets like bootstrap.min.js to bootstrap-3.1.min.js so if you require updating an asset, the embedded filename version stamp will change, causing new asset to be fetched + cached.

All in all you have a very fast site.

I’d only consider the above suggestions when you traffic beings to grow.