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My website takes long time to load and I need a fix for the same. Anybody who is interested in fixing this problem let me know on the following email id - Khimesra@yahoo.com.

My website address is http://www.worldwidewholeseller.com


http://www.webpagetest.org/result/170504_CR_11C0/ shows several basic problems.

  1. Likely you’re going to have to change your hosting. GoDaddy Hosting is usually less than useful.

Notice asset #1 serves in nearly 8 seconds for first visit + 4.6 secs subsequent visits.

If you’re running traffic to this site, these times are just to long, if you’re looking for maximum conversions.

  1. There are 2 404 errors, which are speed killers, especially asset #92 which ties up one browser thread for the entire render, so when this asset is hit, the browser can only process 4 assets at a time, instead of 5 assets at a time… for the duration of the render.

  2. Your page take 394 assets to render a page. This will also have to be fixed, if you’re running any type of traffic.

  3. GoDaddy hosting is broken, as Apache (or server they’re running) isn’t correctly adding expires headers.

  4. Compress all your .jpg image files.

  5. Make all your .jpg image files progressive.

  6. Change site to use HTTP2 + SSL.

Fixing #1 + #3 are first steps to maximize site speed.

Fixing #7 will help with the massive number of assets you have, by HTTP2 pipelining + this is just a bandaid. Running HTTP2 SSL is important for SEO + Security + you’re still best served to reduce total number of assets required to render a page to <100 or <50.

http://www.webpagetest.org/result/170426_8J_13D8 shows one of my hosting clients.

Notice asset #1 (HTML) served in 158 ms. This is what you’re looking for.

The speed at which your HTML component serves is best served <1sec.

Please quote me. Let me know how much I need to spend. This is my part time income. I have tied up with some shop but till today I did not get any order.

Please also suggest solution how to pull order from the market. You can directly send your quote to my email address. You also need to write what will you do and what I need to do

I don’t understand technical terms so please arrange for a call anytime on Saturday / Sunday.
I cannot use SKYPE because my laptop is company laptop and they have restricted outsiders contacts.

+1 469 996 5700

When I take on a new client, we stay in constant contact, especially at beginning of a project.

I you have no Skype access from your home, I’d be unable to assist you with your project.

Likely best to look for someone else to assist you.

don’t Worry, “khimesra”
you don’t need to hire an expert to optimized your site speed.
here is a Guide to “speed up wordpress
Fix your site speed without touching a single line code.
If you still need any help feel free to contact me


Whatever you do, don’t do anything ‘Sharry’ suggests. The gmail address for email tells you all you need to know!

Bottom line:

  • yes there are some rules you can go by to reduce the amount of work the server has to do to deliver the resources ( css, js, image, etc ) to your customer
  • no, there is absolutely no way you can tune your web platform without experience, a good knowledge of how linux ( no not windows! ) works, and a sympathetic ear

Actually “Sharry” did quite good job, better than most “how to speed up WP” posts. Yeah, his email address suggests he might be a relative of Nigerian prince but you shouldn’t judge people only by their email address.


My website takes long time to load and I need a fix for the same. Anybody who is interested in fixing this problem let me know on the following email id - alvaro80rodriguez@yahoo.com.

My website address is http://www.zz.com.ve

Hi Alvaro-

Looks like some of your bigger issues center around:

A)JavaScript not being managed well (placed at end of code/loaded as async and/or deferred)
B) Making a ton of resource calls – combine your external scripts and stylesheets if possible
C) Poor caching management
D) You may not be using a CDN?

Let me know if you’d like to discuss further & good luck!


Consider fixing the following on page issues. Most of the issues are in CSS files. CSS minification will help in increasing the website loading speed.



Yesterday I checked my webpage- https://myassignmenthelp.com/my

webpagetest.org show me waterfall stats. Please help me to read.


My website takes a long time to load and I need a fix for the same. Anybody who is interested in fixing this problem let me know on the following email id - femtoservicesolution@gmail.com.


Looks like you hijacked this thread, meaning you posted a question about your site in an existing thread (which deals with another site), rather than starting a new thread.

Start a new thread + ask your question again.