Need professional to help fix very slow load time for WP site

Hey y’all,

I run, and am hosting it through GoDaddy shared hosting. The downtimes and huge slowdowns I’ve experienced over the past month have driven me insane.

I’m about to switch to a Drupal site, but that’s a few months out.

I’m looking to switch my hosting to Site5 dedicated server hosting, but I have a feeling that the host is only half the problem.

I don’t know if my W3 Total Cache is set up properly, but SOMETHING is causing a 20 second load time.

Here is my page test:

I am willing to pay a professional to help me fix this problem ASAP.

Thank you!

Thank you!

In my experience, you get what you pay for, and GoDaddy shared web hosting is overpriced! It’s just not suited for a CMS - based website.

As a first step, find a reputable provider, and try again.


I had a quick look at your test and the first thing I would look at is that your page weight is nearly 2.5Mb. This is mainly due to the size of some of your images. Sort those out and I think you will see a big improvement.

Good luck


I did! I signed up with Site5 VPS and now everything is running much faster. Thank you so much!