Really slow site

Hi, someone done a test for my site and the result can be found below. Can anyone help me by telling me what i need to do to fix the site as it is really slow. thanks in advance

In order of priority:

1 - Get rid of whatever is including It is redirecting to a broken link and may be what is causing the page to not complete loading successfully. Also fix the other 2 broken requests on the page (red lines).

2 - Looks like your site is based on wordpress. Install W3 Total Cache ( and follow the instructions on the installation page for turning on the optimizations (that should fix a LOT of the performance issues)

3 - Learn how to use the css and js combining features in W3TC and enable them.

Once you have W3TC installed and tuned well it should take care of doing a lot of the work for you and the site will be a LOT faster.

Thanks Patrick for your reply. Really do appreciate it. I can probably do ur 2nd and 3rd advise. I did come across total cache and was going to install it but didn’t get round to it as I was trying out supercache.
With regard to redirecting to that broken link, I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know much coding and it was a template I bought. I used firebug and noticed that the broken link existed in the original theme that I bought. I’ve looked through the code but can’t seem to find it.

W3 Total cache is much more advanced than supercache - I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried changing webhost?
Where is your site hosted?

Hi Saabir. In addition to the above suggestions, you really should also compress the images. Your home page is about 1.5 MB in size(!). The large images in the slideshow could be easily compressed. I tried to compress the slidertasawwuf.png, which is 330 KB in size. I reduced to 44 KB without even trying much, just by simply saving it in the .jpg format. I’m sure it could be reduced even further.