Problems detection of webpage tests, any suggestions? Newbie

The webpage test for my website shows following problems:

Enable compression
Leverage browser caching
Combine images into CSS sprites
Defer parsing of JavaScript
Avoid bad requests
Optimize the order of styles and scripts

Please help me with some suggestions to sort these out.

Posting a link to your test result so we can all work off the same waterfall/result:

Your first step would be to get gzip compression working for your test resources - that will have the biggest impact for first time visitors:

(btw, looks like you are loading jquery twice from different locations)

Since you’re wordpress-based I’d strongly recommend trying out W3 Total Cache. It will help you with enabling compression, browser caching, moving the javascript around (and combining it) and the first byte performance. It takes a while to get used to working with it and some of the more advanced options so don’t worry if you don’t see big gains right away.

You should also figure out why you have a few broken images (the red lines in the waterfall). If they aren’t needed then they should be removed from the page but if they are then they need to get loaded onto the server in the right place.

So, W3 total cache is a plugin…? ok I will just check it out but I have 7 javascipts enabled in a page.

Please advice me if it will make any changes on user defined javascipt execution area or a place that I am executing it.

& Moreover I thought that those images doesn’t matter as they are of no use… Just ignored them… Does it affect anyway?


Even if the images aren’t being used, the browser is still requesting them and tying up one of it’s request slots until it fails (and using server resources).

Thankyou for your support Patrick. I understand a lot now and I can see my website loading better now unlike w3 total cache plugin that I tested before , first byte was much improved but webpage keeps on loading (rolling icon on top of the page as like in google accounts) and when I try scrolling down it takes lots of memory in my pc. So, I just activate the settings only for gzip compression but didn’t got improved and deactivated it. Any-thing extra you would like to suggested plz. I will be much thankful.

Updated test:

You have got to figure out how to get gzip compression working on your host. Are you running on a server you control or is it a shared host? If it’s not something you can get working yourself, try contacting your hosting provider to see what is going on. That will get you the biggest win in performance for new users.

In your W3TC settings, do you have browser caching turned on? There are a lot of requests in the repeat view that shouldn’t be there (all of the yellow highlighted requests will go away when browser caching is working).