Font Caching Across Different Websites

I’m not a developer so hopefully I’m not just way off here. But I’m trying to decide between hosting my own fonts or using a popular google font. My thought process was that if we used a popular font like Roboto that everyone will likely have it cached in their browser from other website and then it might make sense to just use the Google Font api since we won’t have performance issues with having to connect to 3rd party servers since the font will already be cached. Is that true?

A similar but separate question. Let’s assume that we download and decide to host the Roboto file on our server. If the user comes to our website and they had visited a different website that used Roboto in the past but the other website was serving it via Googles api, would they need to download it from our server because it’s hosted on our website or if it’s cached in their browser will it just access it via the cache even though it was cached by the Google api and not from our hosted server. Does that make sense?

I’m trying to test it myself using dev tools, but it’s hard for me to tell if they’re the exact font weights and what not between different websites.


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