Full load time

Definition:The Fully Loaded time is measured as the time from the start of the initial navigation until there was 2 seconds of no network activity after Document Complete.

Is it possible to increase/change this 2s time period, as my test loads a document and the network inactivity period between the initial page and the doc to load > 2s. So the the webpagetest completes even before the document loads fully

In which script should I make changes if I need to change this hard coded 2s to a greater value

Your help is much appreciated

The 2s is hard-coded in the c++ agent code. You can use the “minimum duration” to force it to wait a minimum of X seconds for the full test. It will still trim to the actual activity so that may be a way to get what you need without making changes.

Can you please let me know which file and what changes needs to be done on it?

Hmm, apparently there is a script command that you can use to override it (in ms) - setactivitytimeout

setactivitytimeout	5000

Otherwise you want to change it in wpt_settings.h and rebuild wptdriver.exe and wpthook.dll - https://github.com/WPO-Foundation/webpagetest/blob/dffd072c2a88c4b698608df94659dfafc9226ba1/agent/wptdriver/wpt_settings.h#L38

when I use setactivitytimeout 5000 in script, the fully loaded time, I see in the summary (the box which aggregates the results) is not compliant with the time I see in waterfall chart. The waterfall chart shows a greater value, which is the actual load time.

Instead, if I set ‘minimum test duration’ under advanced tab, the fully load time shown is in accordance with the waterfall chart.

Help me understand, in what way they are different