Full load time reg.

Definition:The Fully Loaded time is measured as the time from the start of the initial navigation until there was 2 seconds of no network activity after Document Complete.

Is it possible to increase/change this 2s time period, as my test loads a document and the network inactivity period between the initial page and the doc to load > 2s. So the the webpagetest completes even before the document loads fully

You can control this by setting minimum test duration, it’s on the advanced tab

I could set the minimum test duration (run test for atleast) under the advanced tab. What is the corresponding parameter in the restFul API?


If there is ever a feature in the UI that the API parameter isn’t documented you can just inspect the form element to get the “name” of the element which will be the API parameter to use. The UI uses the API so everything you can do in the UI can be done through the API.