What is the exact meaning of loadTime and fullyLoaded?

Perusing through the code, I couldn’t find what the values of loadTime and fullyLoaded (in JSON results) concretely mean, and how they differ.

Could anyone enlighten me?

loadTime is the Document-complete load time (onload) and fully loaded is the time to the end of the last request after onload (the 2 different load time sections on the main results page).

So is loadTime the same as (loadEventStart - loadEventEnd) ?
And fullyLoaded is the end of the load event of the last request?

loadTime in navigation timing speak is more like loadEventStart-navigationStart (the time for the full page load up until the beginning of the load event). What you described is the dureation of the onload event which is not reported as a separate metric.

Thank you so much for your answer.

I’d like to ask, what exactly do you mean in “the end” of the request? is it visual completion (end of rendering), or when the last byte is received?