Getting Individual Test IDs from a bulktest ID

Say I did a bulk test and get a URL like the following

Given the input of 140721_VK_3C I want to decompose it into individual tests like 140721_NM_3D, 140721_ZJ_3E and the likes.

Is there a way to do this?

Sure. Take this bulk test as an example:

You can use the normal XML entry point which will provide the list of individual tests:

(looks like the JSON interface isn’t hooked up).

You can also use the aggregate CSV interface (link at the bottom of the result) where each row is an individual test and the last column is the test ID:

If you’d like JSON access to it it shouldn’t be too hard to add, just open a github issue and I can get it into the next release (probably 2.16 since 2.15 is going out the door now).

Thanks a bunch as always :slight_smile: