Where is test data stored


I finally have both a private instance of WebPageTest up and running, as well as WPT Monitor and I am really enjoying these tools.

My question is, where is all the test data stored? I dont recall setting up a mysql database. Are they just flat files that I can backup ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

They are flat files stored in the /results directory on the web server (under the docroot for the webpagetest UI). They are grouped by year/month/day so itโ€™s pretty easy to trim old tests.

There are also archive settings you can configure in settings.ini to have it zip each test result and drop them into a separate folder and a cli script (cli/archive.php) that can go through and prune anything locally that is older than X days (the code knows how to restore from the archived zips automatically on access).

For the public instance I have the raw tests on SSDโ€™s that are set up to archive off to magnetic after 6 hours and there is a separate script that archives those off to a NAS for long-term backup.