Archiving scripts - paths


Is it possible to put results at destination server in folders structure created according to actual date of the test?

Now test is put into path that is created based on date of archiving. Sometimes it can be confusing if someone takes results path into consideration.

Which script are you referring to? The cli/archive.php script archives tests to directories based on the test date (same structure as the tests themselves actually). The tests themselves are also stored relative to when the test was created.

If you are talking about submitting a large number of tests that takes several days to run and wanting the directory to be the date it was run rather than the date it was submitted, that’s not likely to happen - too many changes would have to happen. The test ID’s (which are assigned when the test is submitted) have the date baked into them.


I mean link “Publish to…” accessible on test details page. I have two instances of WPT Server - one with data retention and another where I’d like to store tests to link to them from documents. They need to last longer.

Ahh, gotcha - you want the published tests to use the same date as the original test. I created a feature request to track it: Shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Exactly! :slight_smile: Sorry for not being clear.

Thanks, Patrick.