How to archive test result

Hi Patrick,

I would like to archive the test result into different disk or in network share. I found archive_dir and archive_days in settings.ini file. If I enable these two setting, will it start archiving the result automatically? Or is there something that should run in order to archive the result? Thanks in advance.


You should also schedule cli/archive.php to be run periodically in cron (eventually I’ll have it run automatically but it’s not yet).

Thank you Patrick. Running cli/arichive.php successfully archived the result. However, when I tried to access the archived result, it is showing “Test Not Found” message. It seems like it is not retrieving the requested result from archive directory. Do I need to configure any other thing so that it can retrieve data successfully from archive folder?

Maybe check and make sure unzip is available on the command-line but otherwise it should just work.

Also check the user that was run for the cron job. If it was different from the web user there might be a permissions problem with the archive files.