Google Jquery.min.js takes 3secs

I’ve noticed that it takes 3000ms to load jquery.min.js from google on the repeat view and half of that time is spent in SSL negotiations. Can this be improved?

I see around 700ms in the test you linked:

That said, they serve it on both http and https so don’t use the https version unless your page is also https.

You could also port jquery over to your server, and therefore reducing one DNS lookup

The link above is from the first hit which got 700ms but the repeat hit got 3000ms.

I’ve downloaded it onto our webserver and now get around 900ms first hit but none second hit.

Yeah, cause it’s been cached properly

Dont mean to dig up an old thread, but does this mean its more efficient not to use googles CDN for jquery? I see everyone doing it and was figuring that people probably already have it cached from another site so it wouldnt have to be dl’d again.