help how value=?

Hi all, please
I asked for:

  1. Time to connect acceptable = ?
  2. Click Time acceptable = ?
  3. User bandwidth = ?
  4. Sent Request/pageview when click = ?


Can you be more specific? Your questions don’t make any sense without some context.

What information you need more? I’m the same issues for topic author.

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As Fast as you can make it :slight_smile:

A variation on that would be - faster than your competition.

If you want to see what the distribution of results looks like, here was an analysis from a year ago:

It’s hard to be very specific because every site is different but generally the connect time will be determined by where you are hosting in relation to where it is being tested from. If you use a CDN for all of your static objects then those should have a shorter connect time. The first byte time shouldn’t be much longer than the connect time - if it is then you have some back-end optimizing to do.

I don’t know what “click time”, user bandwidth" and “sent request/pageview when click” mean or what measurement they are referring to.

If you have a specific page you’re curious about, post the results in the discussion area and I can see how fast the page SHOULD be able to load.