How can I implement the system reload of a tester?

Someone can advise me …
I use several tester machine, all are physical desktop with SO = windows 10;
After several days of continuous operation here is a deterioration in the tests results which is resolved by restarting (manually from remote desktop) the machine.

I would like to know if is possible to use wptdriver to reboot remotely the tester

I tried using net rpc command but on some testers it does not work (even though my testers are identical to each other)

The need to reboot remotely comes from the fact that I must first stop the execution of the tests to avoid improper results and to reboot with a known period

Thanks in advance

If your tests are strictly scheduled (not manual runs) you may want to designate a maintenance window where tests will not be scheduled to run. Then on each node you could script a check against the getLocations.php page which will give you the number of queued tests. It no tests are queued, restart.

There is server-side support for sending a reboot command but it is currently disabled: webpagetest/getwork.php at master · WPO-Foundation/webpagetest · GitHub

If you drop a .reboot file in the location work directory on the server it will send a reboot command down to the agent when it next polls for work and wptdriver will reboot the machine. There isn’t anything in there that schedules it automatically though.

Presumably if you wanted to get fancier, we could add a plugin support to getWork.php so you can have custom server code that decides when to send reboot commands to the agents.

More fundamentally, it would be good to understand why you are seeing a deterioration in the performance and see if we can solve that instead. Once an agent gets into a slower state it would be good to look at resmon to see if there are any processes using a lot of cpu, memory or disk.

Many thanks for the information,
This mode of reboot implementation is really precious, as it does not interrupt the measurement being run.
I have not yet understood why windows has a drop in performance over the days … if I find it I’ll let you know …
I attach a chart that explains what has happened
Now I have implemented the new reboot and deleted the windows task scheduling.

on webpagetest private instances 3.0 The reboot feature with the .reboot file is not disabled and works without modifying getwork.php

Hi all,
if you want to reboot a tester on 17.08 release
remeber to add this row on “settings.ini”
allowReboot = 1