How can I improve the load times?

Hello guys,

This seems like a really good tool and I have optimized quite a few things since yesterday. One thing however got me worried is the load time from different locations.

Here is the test result from a US test server →

Here is one from a Singapore server →

The primary userbase is in the Indian subcontinent so am not sure that the first result is anything to be happy about. In the second result, the repeat view actually takes much longer :s

Can you guys tell me what all can be done to improve the performance.

You should run more than a single run from each location to make sure you get a representative result. That said, if your primary user base is in Asia, you should not be hosting it in the US (or at a minimum, you should look into a CDN to help distribute your static content).

The round trip time from India to the US is around a quarter of a second and you will pay that on every request.

I agree on the hosting and CDN part. What baffles me is the second load times. Why are they much longer than the first?

Hard to say right off the bat but you should do at least 3 runs to make sure it’s representative. That said, it looks like the CPU is pegged for most of the time - that could be pulling things off of disk or it could be code on the page (though the code should also execute in the first view).