How good is this?


Please review my site and let me know how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ my results are?

Thanks a ton!

Looking at the waterfall, it looks like the page starts to load and then around request 40 it gets thrown away and re-loaded (probably by some javascript code on the page):

That’s a REALLY bad idea and added 5 seconds to the load time of the page.

It also looks like you have some enormous png images that should be jpeg’s (200-500KB, the bee hive, crayons and a bunch of the others):


I connected to Cloudflare now I can see some difference in the score -

If I change the PNG to JPG, the resolution is compromised… Thanks for your suggestion!

Have you actually tried saving the images as high-quality JPEGs? The resolution doesn’t change and without running a pixel diff I’d be VERY surprised if you could even find differences if you were looking for them.

Using most image tools, a quality level of 85 for JPEG is usually visually indistinguishable from the original PNG but a much smaller file size. If you’re using Photoshop then the scale is different but save-for-web at a quality of 60 is usually a safe bet.

For example, the beehive picture is a 435KB png:

And as a 106KB JPEG:

All of the other large PNG’s can get equivalent savings without even spending time doing much tuning (you could get even smaller by adjusting compression settings for each of them).