My website. Is it OK?

Hey guys,

I just tested my website :

This are the results I got :

Do you think that something can be improoved?
Site load fast for me but you know… people connect from a lot of places where they have low connection speed.

Maybe I can do something more to load it faster.

Thanks for any advices!

The page is pretty light so that is good but you do have a few things you could do which would make it faster:

  • Recompress your header image. It is saved at too high of a quality setting and can be SIGNIFICANTLY smaller with no visual loss. Your original header was 256KB - I recompressed it down to ~90KB and I’d be impressed if you could spot any visual differences, even when looking closely (image is at the bottom of the post).

  • Enable gzip compression for your piwik js. Looks like it is enabled for other directories and content so that should be a simple config change. Only saves ~11KB but it’s basically free.

  • Add caching headers to your css and images. It looks like the resources are (mostly) already versioned so it should be safe to just turn on an expires that is at least 30 days out.

  • You have a conditional IE stylesheet part way through the header. That’s fine but it causes IE to interrupt it’s downloading. If you add a completely empty conditional comment at the top of your head IE will no longer block: (should be a really quick edit to your template)

Those should be pretty easy wins and should cut your load time in half and not change anything visually with the page.