How can i optimize my site ?

hello guys,

My test result Can any one help to optimize it and reach 100 score :-/?

Be careful focusing too much on just the score because it might miss some things that are more important (shouldn’t ignore the recommendations but there are other things you should consider doing too).

Looks like you need to create an image sprite for your menu and frame components:

You can combine them into a single image (or 2) which would eliminate several requests. Make sure to make it a png image and run it through something like smush-it to make sure it’s as small as possible.

You should also move your css up to the top in the head of the document to prevent the page from being laid out again after styles are applied.

Finally, enable gzip compression on your server for your text resources and see if you can set long expires times for any of your resources.

You should easily be able to cut the load time in half if not better just with those changes.

hmm , but how u combine 2 images in 1 ?

With this tool for example

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You can also search for “css sprites” and you’ll get quite a few articles describing what they are, how they work and how to implement them.