How can I optimize this page ?

Please help me. How can I optimize this page ?

You have a lot of broken tags, and you have no close body. That’ll make browsers like the page more.

As for making it faster, move your JS out of the head to just before the close body tag. That’ll move the page render faster.

Compress your images, probably to jpg unless you really need the alpha layer. If you do, try saving them in less colours. They are taking far to long to download.

Get rid of or mushit to a much smaller size. You’ve got over 200kb tied up in that background image. It took 4 seconds to load all by itself in that test. Containerbg wasn’t far behind either. Try css backgrounds instead, much faster.

If multiple measurements give you same picture, you should look into how you generate your basepage. Doesn’t seem personalized, but you have a Time to first Byte of almost 1 second for 2K of unpersonalized (?) HTML Code.

Can you please elaborate on your comment ? I don’t seem to get it. I really appreciate your help.

He’s basically saying:

  • run the test several times (say, 5-10 runs)
  • if they all show a long “time to first byte” (more than 0.3s or so) then you have some tuning to do on the server side (page caching, database optimization, that kind of thing)